James Seers, London based Product Designer

I recently graduated Brunel University London with a degree in Product Design & Engineering. It was in my final year of University that I began working on designing a solution for the improper disposal of FOG in a domestic kitchen setting. However, I was first made aware of the problem in my childhood, spending hours with my dad, elbows deep in our drains, using nothing but our hands to scrape years of built-up congealed fat from within the pipes. He had always told me off for being careless with what I poured down the sink, but I never fully appreciated the extent of the problem until it was me on my hands and knees, de-clogging last Christmas’ dinner from the pipes.

I have always been interested in sustainable design, in particular using biomimetics as a source of inspiration. In my final year of University, I was given the opportunity to set my own design brief. I knew straight away what that brief would be. One year on, I am currently seeking funding and/or a commercial partner to help bring this product to market. My aim is to have The Berglar a regulation component in all UK homes.