a passive, hydro-dynamic filtration system

repurposing domestic kitchen waste

The Mission

The aim of this project was to develop a product, designed to prevent Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) in a domestic setting, from being carelessly poured down the kitchen sink, resulting in detrimental economical and environmental damage.

Not only would the product prevent these harmful materials from entering the sewage system, but it would also collect these previously considered waste materials, allowing them to be repurposed into an alternative sustainable fuel.

The Function

The product works by using a passive hydrodynamic filtration system to separate fat, oils and grease from water. These filters are housed in a redesigned component of the existing domestic plumbing network, and can be installed easily and without the use of additional tooling.

The filtered out FOG is directed into a separate container that once full, can be recycled into biodiesel and only clean water is able to pass through the outlet into the sewer.

Until now, the project has been almost entirely concentrated on the product, however ultimately it will be part of a much bigger product-service system that works in collaboration with water companies to help install and maintain the equipment, and local recycling companies who can repurpose your waste into an alternative, sustainable fuel.

I am currently seeking funding to help bring The Berglar to market. Please contact me if you are interested.

Secondary Filters

Accessible from the sink itself, these secondary filters prevent any large or small food particles from entering the system where they could cause blockages to the main filter. These can easily be removed and disposed of safely with the rest of your organic waste.

Collects Waste

The waste FOG that is filtered out is redirected into an external plastic container that, once full, is easily removed. Simply dispose of with the rest of your recycling, where it will be collected, sorted, and eventually repurposed into an alternative sustainable fuel.

Existing Fittings

The design is easily integrated within the existing domestic plumbing system as an alternative to the current u-bend design, and requires no additional materials or tooling to be manufactured or installed. There is no need for additional purchases for adapting parts.